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Innovative, omnichannel insurance sales in the bank

Our collaboration began with onboarding applications built using the Eximee platform. After successful implementation in the bank, we delivered another application, namely the vehicle insurance application form.

PKO Bank Polski
limited access to insurance offer
omnichannel insurance sales


PKO BP is the largest universal bank in Poland, operating since 1919. It has more than 1,100 branches, over 3,100 ATMs, and runs 7.59 million accounts.

Project background

Our task was to digitize the sale of vehicle insurance in PKO's online and mobile banking channels. Previously, motor insurance sales were conducted only at call centers and branches, resulting in limited accessibility to customers and a high cost of reaching prospects.


The Moto Application Form built using the Eximee platform is available not only through the desktop and mobile websites but also in the existing sales channels, i.e., call-center and branches.* Customers can start filling out the form in one channel and finish it in another.

In addition to purchasing an insurance policy, the application enables the comparison of offers from many different insurance companies. We incorporated several solutions that made filling out the form easier and faster, such as the automated completion of vehicle data based on the registration number provided by a customer. We enriched the library with several reusable components consistent with the PKO BP brand book. The components contain functions for comparing and selecting the most favorable product option – in this case, an insurance policy.

* As of March 2024, the process is no longer supported on the Eximee platform. 

Worth knowing

In Poland, vehicle insurance can be purchased not only through the websites of insurance companies, but also at ATMs, parking meters, and even on Facebook. However, still few insurance companies have their own mobile applications, so they are eager to enter into cooperation with banks that have sophisticated solutions.


The main business benefit is the introduction of vehicle insurance, a product previously offered by PKO BP only in branches and call-center, to online sales channels. As a result, its availability for customers has increased, and the cost of sales has been reduced.

Thanks to omnichannel, the bank can support the sales process through the call center using customer data stored in abandoned application forms.

We appreciate the fact that the Eximee platform enables the sale of insurance in electronic channels and includes many modern solutions that make it easier for our customers to take advantage of the insurance companies' offers.

Marcin Dzienniak, Director of Digital to Banker Application Development Department

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