A helicopter view of a business
solution elements

When developing business applications, you typically define data models, implement business logic, and create business processes and user interfaces for all devices and channels.

The Eximee low-code platform offers a structured view of all artifacts that make up a given business solution and enables management of the production cycle – from creating an application using a selected template, gathering the necessary documentation, business configuration, automated testing, to controlling runtime environments.

Eximee business application layers

Layer 1: Data model

Layer 2: Business logic and integration

Layer 3: Processes

You can implement BPM processes in the Eximee business applications and benefit from:

  • improved efficiency
  • better process visibility
  • greater control and compliance
  • cost savings

A process in the Eximee business application can use all artifacts included in the application. For instance, you can use Eximee Forms for user tasks, or Script Code for automated tasks. It is worth noting that not every Eximee Application requires implementing a business process.

Layer 4: User interface elements

Advantages of the Eximee Business Applications

Accelerated implementation and standardization of solutions thanks to predefined application templates (e.g., self-service processes)
Easy management of knowledge about a given business application
Low entry threshold for new team members
Facilitation of low-code developers' work
Easy export of applications to test, pre-production, and production environments (depending on user permissions)
Trackability and auditability of changes made to the particular elements of business applications

Implementation toolkit


Application to support front-office and back-office staff

At Eximee, we know banks need to ensure a good Employee Experience to provide efficient customer service. Therefore, we have developed a framework to create business applications that bank employees need. In this success story, we describe how we streamlined Santander Bank's employees' work with an application developed using the Eximee platform.

The ready-made solution, i.e., the Eximee platform - was practically at our fingertips, and all we had to do was reach out for it. We have used Eximee to launch loan application forms integrated with e-commerce, an entirely online cash loan in mobile and desktop versions, as well as several smaller applications, such as a contact request form and an account transfer application form.
Tomasz Hajdasz
Software Development Manager, Credit Agricole
Step 1
Discovery meeting
We discuss the current state of your processes, digitization and automation capabilities, and possible solutions.
Step 2
Together we choose the process to digitize and develop a plan.
Step 3
MVP & Evaluation
We develop and implement the application, evaluate the results, and decide which processes to digitize next.

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