Centralize customer matters and product portfolio in a user-friendly zone

Use the Eximee Customer Service Zone to provide customers with a dedicated space where they may learn about available services and products and find out in which channels particular issues are handled. By facilitating access to this kind of knowledge, you help customers get things done quickly, reduce the number of chat interactions and call center workload, which translates into lower customer service costs.

Customer Service Zone
– everything in one place

Sometimes bank customers have a hard time trying to manage their issues or looking for available product options. In an effort to expand self-service capabilities, provide your customers with a dedicated space. The Eximee Customer Service Zone is like a knowledge base for individual and business customers that provides guidance on how to handle specific matters at the bank. You can embed the Customer Service Zone interface in your website or desktop and mobile applications.

Quick launch

All you need is mapped-out information about the products provided in particular channels, the underlying processes, and the options available to customers using a specific banking product.

The Eximee Customer Service Zone is a lightweight module that can be embedded in a CRM, CMS, and mobile, web, or branch applications and integrated with banking services. For even more efficient information retrieval, the search engine in the Customer Service Zone can be integrated with the search engine on the website.

Moreover, launching the module does not require dedicated infrastructure. Business set-up can be entrusted to analysts, which means a considerably smaller workload for your IT teams.

How does the Eximee Customer Service Zone boost sales?

Aggregated customer matters

Tend to your digital customers and organize the processes and their activities in the bank’s system. Use the Eximee Customer Service Zone to aggregate all matters, regardless of which systems they are processed in, and add the most frequently searched self- service processes to make them even easier to find.

Personalized offers

The Eximee Customer Service Zone is where you can present offers to customers and run contextual sales. For example, offer a new card to a customer who has just searched how to restrict a lost card. Show a logged-in customer only the products that match their scoring. Add banners and links to support your marketing team and promote selected banking products.

Smart search engine

Thanks to autosuggestions and contextual search based on tags, the search engine shows customers the right results, even if they make an error when typing the inquiry.

While a non-logged-in user sees a list of all the issues that can be handled at the bank, a logged-in user sees only the ones that apply to them – zero clutter and misinformation.

  • The search engine also allows users to navigate from the list of issues to the channels where a given issue can be handled.


Optimize your product offerings and sales processes by monitoring events and using analytics tools. Track your customers’ most frequently searched phrases and apply tags so they can find what they need even faster.

Changes independent of a release cycle

Even in the case of a mobile app, adding new channels or revising the catalog of customer issues in the customer zone does not require separate releases and can be performed by an analyst. Also, since changing content for a new marketing campaign does not require pro-developers, bank marketing teams become more independent of product teams.

How does the Eximee Customer Service Zone benefit bank customers?

Multiple channels
A visit to a branch or using a banking app?
A phone conversation or a video call to a consultant with sign language skills? Let customers pick and choose channels in the Eximee Customer Service Zone.
Knowledge base
Use the Eximee Customer Service Zone to inform customers how they can handle their issues, indicate what documents they need, and outline the process flow.
Effortless problem solving
Automated processing and suggesting the most frequently searched issues helps customers find the right solutions in a snap without explaining the matter to a consultant or a multi-step authentication at a call center.
Statuses of pending issues
Use the Eximee Customer Service Zone to inform customers about the current statuses of individual cases and let them monitor progress.
Personalized experience
Filter out self-service options that do not apply to customers' active products and services, and offer additional products that are likely to interest them.
Direct contact with an advisor
VIP customers no longer have to contact a call center to talk to their advisor. They can reach their private advisor directly from the Customer Service Zone

Eximee Customer Service Zone in Santander bank

With the Eximee Customer Service Zone, customers can find and start dealing with any matter in 3-4 clicks. The user interface is intuitive and organized.

The Eximee team has implemented the bank's "Your issues" module available on online and mobile banking. The most important function of the "Your issues" tab is to enable the bank's customers to easily handle many issues without leaving home.
Paweł Mazurek
IT Area Leader Tribe Omnichannel, Santander
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