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A flexible solution for cooperative banking

– developing a Mobile Deposit Account opening process and product configuration tool for SGB-affiliated banks

SGB unites 175 cooperative banks spread across Poland, forming a network of about 1,200 outlets and 4,000 ATMs. Among other responsibilities, the Association provides cooperative banks with consistent technological solutions.

As part of SGB's strategy to fully digitize its offerings and establish online purchasing processes, we have enabled cooperative banks’ customers to swiftly open a deposit account through a mobile application.

Currently, the Mobile Deposit Account is accessible in 18 banks affiliated with SGB.

Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa
5 months
creation of a process for opening a deposit account in a mobile application and a tool for configuring products at affiliated banks

Scope of work and solution

Business analysis

The Eximee team supported SGB throughout this project, starting from the stage of conducting a business analysis of the process.

We began with the general business description provided by the bank, which served as the foundation for a comprehensive business and system analysis conducted in close collaboration with SGB.

Subsequently, we proceeded to implement the process in Eximee, enriching it with business logic, forms, and integrations with banking services.


We utilized the Eximee platform to develop and deploy a comprehensive process for requesting and setting up a Mobile Deposit Account.

The first part of the process enables customers to apply for the deposit through the mobile application. It includes screens for product selection and setting deposit parameters.

For the form authorization, we leveraged a mechanism within the native mobile application along with an integration component developed in a prior project undertaken for SGB. By using the mobile authorization component provided by the bank, we achieved a consistent UX for authorizing all forms in the application.

We embedded the process on the Eximee platform, which was already integrated with the mobile application. Consequently, the implementation of the new process was remarkably swift, requiring minimal adjustments within the mobile application. Specifically, the scope of work was limited to adding a button that directs users to the application form for a deposit account.

The second part of the process controls the sequence of services invoked in the banking systems. These services are necessary to set up and accept the deposit product and make a transfer from the customer's account. Once the deposit account is activated, the customer receives a confirmation in a push notification.

Product configuration in the hands of individual banks

Thanks to the solution built on the Eximee platform, cooperative banks have the flexibility to utilize a unified digital process for selling and setting up deposit accounts, while maintaining the autonomy to customize their products according to their specific needs and preferences.

They can define various deposit parameters, including minimum and maximum deposit amounts, interest rates, and product names presented to customers. Additionally, they can modify marketing content and other relevant details as needed.

While some deposit parameters are centrally configured by the Association to maintain consistency across cooperative banks, individual banks retain the authority to customize other aspects according to their specific requirements.

Eximee facilitates this process by periodically synchronizing deposit configurations from each cooperative bank, and updating shared configuration within the Association.

Screenshot from SGB mobile app

Screenshot from SGB mobile app

The dawn of a new era in cooperative banking

With the implementation of this solution, SGB has acquired a powerful tool to streamline deposit sales through the mobile channel. For individual cooperative banks, this marks a significant shift as they now have access to a ready-made process for requesting and opening deposit accounts, ensuring consistency across the Association. At the same time, banks maintain complete autonomy in terms of process parameterization, product configuration, marketing communications, and branding.

This isn't just another phase in SGB's digitization journey. It's a revolution in how cooperative banks are adapting to customers' needs. It is also a continuation of our joint path toward providing a comprehensive and attractive online offering.

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