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Over 200 self-service applications managed from one place

Our cooperation with mBank began with the implementation of the most important applications related to opening an account and applying for a credit card or a loan. The next step was the decision to move self-service to the Eximee platform. Currently, customers have the possibility to perform more than two hundred different self-service operations in various channels.

difficult application maintenance and non-reusability of components
easier management of changes in applications


mBank, whose main shareholder is the German Commerzbank, has been present in the Polish market since 1986 and currently ranks fifth in terms of asset size. Since its beginnings, mBank has been a pioneer and leader in online banking and now in mobile banking. It currently provides services to 5.5 million retail banking customers.

Project background

Our task was to replace the existing solution for publishing self-service applications. The previously used system made it difficult to maintain such a large number of applications. The additional drawback was the inability to reuse the components they were built from. Minor changes to the texts of consents and declarations resulted in the need to modify all applications that contained a particular piece of copy. The bank needed a new solution to streamline the process of creating and modifying applications.


We proposed to transfer existing self-service processes to the previously implemented Eximee platform. We created a mechanism to automate the transfer.


mBank has gained the flexibility to create, change and develop self-service. With its team independently developing applications on the Eximee platform, the mBank saves time and money. The bank employees can implement changes in a short time (in practice, in a daily cycle) and publish these changes simultaneously across all channels. The composable structure of the Eximee application makes it possible for people without programming skills to manage copy in the consents and statements independently of application templates. Moreover, all components are versioned.

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