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How we created a business application for bank call center consultants

– case study of the cash loan sales process

The project involved streamlining call center operations in the process of selling a cash loan with insurance. We created a cohesive application based on low-code, allowing consultants to communicate with customers following best practices.

One of the largest banks in Poland
Q3 2023
dispersion of information on ONE process across multiple tools
reduce the number of tools and the risk of error, shorten the conversation time, facilitate the consultants' work and the introduction of new employees

Project in numbers:

  • 2 months of collaboration
  • 1 analyst
  • 1 low-code application instead of 5 different tools

Project background

The bank offers its customers a cash loan bundled with insurance, which necessitates adherence to regulatory guidelines. Consultants are tasked with precisely communicating details about the product and ensuring that customers receive specific documents at the appropriate stage of the call. Before the introduction of the new solution, consultants utilized various tools to facilitate this process accurately.

What did the bank approach us with for banking?

The bank’s call center consultants were grappling with the use of multiple tools and systems during sales calls, resulting in a cumbersome process and prolonged workflows due to the abundance of forms and spreadsheets. In response, the bank sought our assistance in developing a unified tool to streamline operations for employees. This solution has been accessible to the bank’s consultants since October 2023.


In the phase of working on the scenario unification, the Eximee team was represented by a single analyst, a sufficient resource to map the process using the Eximee Low-Code Platform. Collaborating with the bank’s business team, the analyst unified the form with the scenario that appears in the employee’s Eximee Dashboard when they reach the stage of discussing the insurance purchase proposal with customers.

Eximee Dashboard is a tool in which a bank can embed any business applications to facilitate the consultants’ work. The form supporting insurance sales is one such application.

The process script guides the consultant step by step, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Guidelines leading the consultant through the process step by step

The consultant reads information from scripts embedded in the tool, and the entire conversation is recorded. Moreover, the tool automatically dispatches the required documents to the client. Data is formatted for seamless transfer to the subsequent system within the bank.

Sales script and guidelines for a bank employee embedded in the process

Previously, maintaining compliance demanded significant focus and commitment from bank employees. However, today, consultants can seamlessly conduct conversations with clients as the form guides them through the process, prompting specific actions at each stage without the need for additional scripts. This new solution has shortened call times and enhanced the onboarding process for new employees.

How did we work on improving customer service?

To create a centralized business banking application that meets the needs of consultants and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, we conducted over a dozen workshops with the bank’s team. These workshops aimed to improve center operations by enhancing customer service, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. We met online daily, and after four iterations, we finalized the ultimate form. During these meetings, we collaborated with the bank’s actual staff to sketch some parts of the process or front ends for the employees.

Benefits for the bank and bank employees

The utilization of low-code technology in this project has provided the bank with a range of advantages. Here’s a closer look at the key benefits:

  • All guidelines for consultants are available in one place.
  • The bank can update the guidelines all at once, without having to switch between tools.
  • The consultant’s work is easier and faster, as they are now guided through the process “by hand”.
  • Reduced risk of mistakes.
  • Meeting all regulatory requirements and the ability to respond rapidly to changes.
  • More effective onboarding of new employees into the exceptional customer service process
  • Greater understanding of the needs of call center staff by the business team, resulting in better preparation for future projects

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Solutions used in this project

  • Process automation
  • Employee experience


Eximee Team