Sales script prompter – leveraging a low-code solution for call center in bank branches

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Published 01/07/2024

In the banking industry, the drive for uniformity in customer service processes across various channels is paramount. Recently, we developed a successful low-code application for call center consultants at one of Poland’s largest banks. This application streamlines the sales process of cash loans with insurance, enhancing efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Recognizing its effectiveness, the bank is now preparing to extend this tool to its branches, exemplifying a strategic replication of proven solutions across different channels. By leveraging the flexibility of low-code technology and adopting a unified solution, the bank ensures that all customer-facing processes maintain the same high level of efficiency, accuracy, and regulatory compliance, regardless of the channel.

Sales script prompter for call center

The initial development focused on addressing the complexities faced by call center consultants, including the creation of a comprehensive call script embedded in the application. Before implementing the sales script prompter in the process, consultants navigated through various tools and systems, often resulting in prolonged call times and increased potential for errors.

Sample fragment of a sales script

Sample fragment of a sales script

Sales script and guidelines for a bank employee embedded in the process

The application developed on the Eximee Low-Code Platform consolidated everything the consultants needed into a single, user-friendly tool. Here’s a brief recap of the solution’s impact:
Centralization – all data, guidelines, and a sales script in one place

Efficiency – reduced call times

Documents management -automated dispatch of required documents to a client

Error reduction – smaller risk of mistakes

Compliance – the process leads a consultant step by step and ensures that all regulatory requirements are met

Onboarding – more effective induction of new employees into customer service

Given the success of a sales script prompter in the call center, the bank is now replicating this solution in its branch network. However, this isn’t a straightforward replication but a thoughtful adaptation that respects the unique dynamics of branch operations.

Adapting the solution for branch use

The transition to branches involves adjusting the solution to fit the in-person customer interactions typical in a branch setting. While the core functionalities remain the same, certain adaptations are necessary.

Independence and flexibility

Low-code developers responsible for creating solutions for branches can independently modify the application while maintaining the essence of the original solution. This flexibility allows them to make quick adjustments specific to brick-and-mortar operational needs without waiting for central updates.

Script customization

The sales script will be slightly modified to suit face-to-face interactions. For example, the process for branches will incorporate steps such as ID card verification.

Regulatory compliance

Regardless of the sales channel, customers must receive all relevant documents and reliable information about the scope and terms of insurance. The sales script embedded in the process ensures that consultants adhere to this requirement as they are led “by the hand" all the way.

Propagation of proven solutions to other channels

Eximee low-code platform enables mutual exchange of tested solutions between IT teams responsible for respective channels or lines of business. In this case, the call center team developed an application with a sales script prompter that enhanced sales of a loan with insurance, so the team that develops solutions for branches can now adopt it by adding specific steps such as ID card verification. It means teams can innovate independently while contributing to the overall improvement of the bank’s customer service processes.

Benefits of reusing the solution across channels

Implementing this solution in branches extends the advantages witnessed in the call center:

Consistency in customer experience

Customers will receive the same level of information and service quality whether they visit a branch or contact call center.

Streamlined operations and increased sales

By reducing the number of tools and systems advisors must navigate, the solution will facilitate smoother and quicker customer service and increase the sales of a cash loan bundled with insurance in branches.

Cost effectiveness

With the Eximee platform, reusing or cloning and adjusting applications for use in different channels is super fast and cost-effective. There’s no need to develop separate solutions from scratch for each channel.


Extending the call center’s low-code application for selling loans with insurance to branches exemplifies the bank’s commitment to enhancing customer service through consistent, efficient, and compliant processes.

By leveraging successful elements such as a sales script prompter and adapting them to the branch environment, the bank ensures that every customer interaction, regardless of the channel, is handled with the same level of expertise and care.

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