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Implementation of the Eximee platform in PKO Bank Polski

Poland's largest bank has trusted our experience and implemented the Eximee platform. Eximee low-code platform strengthens its position as a leader of digital solutions in the financial sector in Poland.

PKO Bank Polski
4 months
quick implementation of omnichannel application forms
prepare and process online application forms more efficiently


At a time of rapidly advancing digitization of banking services, the ability to quickly adapt the offer to current market requirements is critical.

To manage the process of preparing and processing online application forms more efficiently, PKO Bank Polski was looking for a solution that:

  • enables quick preparation of application forms,
  • ensures consistency of the forms in different distribution channels,
  • gives total control over the processes.

The realization of these goals was secured by the Eximee platform as it ensured the quick development of forms that work seamlessly and consistently across various digital channels.

The decision to select Eximee was based on excellent references. The platform has been previously successfully implemented by 7 banks: Eurobank, Credit Agricole, SGB, BPS, Orange Finanse, and, to the greatest extent, by the leaders of the banking sector – mBank and BZ WBK. It means that already 3 of the 5 largest banks in Poland use Eximee.


The first stage in the project included the preparation of a process and an application form for opening personal accounts. It is one of the critical processes for banks because it is the first touch point with a client and the starting point for effective onboarding.

The project was launched at the end of May 2017, and the client received the product for testing in late August. The new process and form were made available to the bank's customers on web browsers on November 2. Immediately after that, we began work on launching the forms in the mobile channel.

For the Bank's requirements, dedicated components have been introduced into the Eximee platform to style the product according to customers' expectations, i.e., a carousel for selecting a card and icons indicating the customer's preference regarding the courier's delivery hours. It made the form graphically attractive and easier for customers to fill out.

Simultaneously with implementing the first process, we conducted training for the bank's employees to prepare them to use the tool on their own. In the second phase of the project, the processes were implemented together with the client, but ultimately the bank will prepare the forms independently.

PKO Bank Polski is another client with whom we implemented the project using the Scrum methodology. The work was conducted in weekly sprints. We regularly updated the bank's environments and provided the client with summaries, enabling them to track functional increments and validate the completed stages of work. This approach provided the bank with a continuous view of ongoing tasks and actively involved them in shaping the product.

Customer benefits

By deciding to implement the Eximee platform, PKO Bank Polski received a tool that enables it to quickly and independently prepare different types of application forms for two technological channels – the desktop and mobile application, while maintaining consistency across different sales channels. In addition, the bank is able to rapidly modify the applications, and instantly respond to market requirements.

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