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Swift entry into the Cashless Poland program

The Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa (SGB) is Poland's second-largest association of cooperative banks. The SGB includes more than 200 banks operating locally and SGB-Bank SA – the associate bank.

In 2018, SGB joined the Cashless Poland program – a joint initiative of payment services market players. It was established by the Polish Bank Association, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, acquiring banks, Visa, and Mastercard. Under this program, entrepreneurs meeting certain conditions can receive payment terminals and use them free of charge for at least 12 months.

SGB Bank
Joining the Cashless Poland programme as quickly as possible

Project background

Our task was to prepare the technical capabilities so that the SGB could join the Cashless Poland program as swiftly as possible. It meant we had to develop a form for entrepreneurs in no time. It had to be consistent with the existing graphical interface and integrated with the e-banking application that entrepreneurs log into to submit their motions.


Since the SGB group already had the Eximee platform, enabling customers to apply for a terminal only required the development and implementation of the form template. It was achieved in a very short time. It is worth noting that, apart from uploading the application form to the Eximee platform, SGB's IT department did not have to do any work related to extending hardware, configuring resources, or installing components. We used the existing e-banking interface, so it was enough to carry out functional tests of the template, as no other infrastructure or software components required any changes.

Worth knowing

As of 2019, there are already 200,000 payment terminals in operation under the Cashless Poland program, and every third polish entrepreneur accepting cashless payments has received a terminal through the program.

In 2019, over 80% of the terminals installed in Poland since the beginning of 2018 came from the Cashless Poland program.

Source: Cashless Poland Foundation


We completed the project in record time. It took only three weeks from commissioning to launching the application form in the production environment. As a result, the bank was able to join the Cashless Poland program in no time.

The bank experienced in practice that the flexibility of the Eximee platform is not just a marketing slogan. Having the platform enabled a smooth and extremely fast launch of a completely new electronic form.

Thanks to the Eximee platform, we publish electronic application forms in all sales channels – including the mobile channel. SGB is investing in modern mobile and cashless technologies. Implementing the application form for a payment terminal within the Cashless Poland program was a fast and successful project.

Robert Tórz, Director of Individual Client and Mobile Banking Department

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Solutions used in this project

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