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Partnering with SGB to educate young bank customers

– a case study of the Takie konto SPOKO project

One of the projects we've recently been working on with the SGB Association is Takie konto SPOKO for juniors. This product allows youngsters to gain their first experience with banking and learn how to manage their finances.

Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa
Q3-Q4 2023
to create a banking product dedicated to the youngest group of customers

What is Takie konto SPOKO?

Takie konto SPOKO is a product dedicated to children and teenagers. The offer includes opening an account, issuing a payment card with unique graphics, and providing access to an app that allows for mobile payments and the use of the BLIK service. The child can choose their avatar, set the color scheme (including dark mode), and personalize the desktop with quick action shortcuts and widgets.

Screen for selecting graphics for the card

Screen for selecting graphics for the card

Screen for ordering graphics for the card

Screen for ordering graphics for the card

The account can be set up by a parent or legal guardian through the mobile app or on the SGB24 e-banking platform.

The Takie konto SPOKO account is linked to the child's parent or guardian's account and is visible in the adult user's application.

Scope of work and solution

Business analysis

The Eximee team actively collaborated with SGB from the initial phase of business process analysis. We then implemented the process on the Eximee platform, adding business logic, forms, and integrations with banking services.


We developed and implemented a comprehensive process for requesting and opening a Takie Konto SPOKO account on the Eximee platform.

The first part of the process enables customers to buy the product through the mobile app or e-banking platform and includes screens for product selection and personalization. It's an omnichannel process, which means a user may initiate it in one channel and finalize it in another or switch between channels without losing the data entered.

To authorize the application, we leveraged a mechanism from the native application and an integration component developed in another project for SGB. By utilizing the bank's authorization component, we achieved a consistent UX for authorization of all forms in the application.

We embedded the process in the Eximee platform, which had been already integrated with the bank's native application. The merge of the two elements is seamless and unnoticeable to the application user. The Eximee forms embedded in the process can be updated anytime without the need to release a new version of the application.

The second part of the process controls the sequence of service calls in the bank's systems necessary to set up and activate a new account (e.g., retrieving data from the parent's file, setting up the child's file, establishing a relationship with the parent on the child's file, registering consents).

Additionally, Eximee generates and emails a customer the set of documents required to sign the agreement.

Upon activation of the account, both the parent and the child receive an email. It's worth mentioning that there are two email templates customized for communication with adults and children, respectively. Additionally, parents receive push notifications in the mobile app.

Product configuration for individual cooperative banks

As part of the solution we provided on the Eximee platform, cooperative banks can use a unified process for selling and activating the Takie konto SPOKO account, while retaining the flexibility to configure the product.

This includes the ability to modify available graphics for the card, marketing content, or document templates. Certain parameters of the product are centrally configured by the Association, ensuring consistency across cooperative banks.

Benefits for the bank

Aside from achieving its objective of developing a banking product tailored to the youngest group of customers, SGB has bolstered its reputation as an institution committed to promoting secure financial education.

When the account owner turns of age, Takie konto SPOKO seamlessly transitions into a standard adult account. At this point, parental access to the funds ceases, and standard fees and commissions come into effect. For the bank, this equates to acquiring a new, yet loyalized customer familiar with its services.

Benefits for customers

With the Takie konto SPOKO account, young people can learn financial management under the guidance of their parents.

Selected functions of the parent panel:

  • viewing the account balance, 
  • checking transaction history, 
  • setting limits for cards and BLIK payments, 
  • authorizing the child's transfers.


The Takie konto SPOKO account is a valuable tool for fostering financial awareness by introducing young individuals to banking and allowing them to manage money.

Recognizing the importance of financial education for youth is essential in preparing them to make informed decisions as consumers of banking services in the future.

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